Friday, June 1, 2018

How Long Has It Been?!???

Y'all!! I forgot I even had a blog once a upon a time. Four years have FLOWN by, and for good reason. Let's see...what have we been up to in the past 4 years.... Well, I had surprise TWINS and that kind of derailed our projects for a while; with good reason. Those little munchkins are turning THREE this summer! We finished up our 70's Caddyshack house and sold it to move out onto 5 acres in the country. And When I say country we are talking the closest town is 15-20 minutes away and its 750 people....and we LOVE it!! Thankfully our country home doesn't need a lot of remodeling or giant projects like our last three homes. I do have some ideas for painting and sprucing up and things like new backsplash and different cabinet colors, etc. But all of the wall and flooring will remain intact for once. ha!
2 days old 

2 months old 

almost 3 
almost 3

new home 💖

More photos to come of before and afters of our Caddyshack House and the Country House. 
stay tuned.....

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