Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Tis The Season

I should get an award for the worst blogger. A big trophy with my name engraved.
Sigh...I have good intentions, really I do! Life just gets in the way. A big round of applause to bloggers that can crank out awesome, meaningful content on a regular basis.

So... here's what we've been up to since I last checked in.

  • Finished remodeling 1 bathroom
  • Started remodeling another bathroom
  • Cleared out the jungle of a backyard. by hand. in the summer. 
  • Remodeled the dining room
  • Started remodeling the living room. It's about 80% finished. 
80% seems to be our magic number because we lose interest and move on to the next project. I lovingly refer to is at Project ADD. I should probably figure out how to trademark that. 

Since it's Christmas season all projects come to a halt until I finish decorating for the holidays.  If you know me, I start in November planning out Christmas stuff. This is the first year that my built-ins are finished in the living room!! They have been blast to style so far. 

Here is our newest addition, Frank. 
He is adorned by a wreath I just finished over the weekend. I won't mention how long it took, because it was a dreadfully long time. 

If anyone is interested here are the step to making your own gold leaf wreath. 
Supplies needed:
  • Largest Wire Wreath Frame at Michaels
  • Glue Gun
  • Lots of Glue Sticks
  • Aprox 30 sheets of 12x12 Gold Cardstock
  • Leaf template of your choice (I freehanded mine)
  • Aprox 1/4 yd of light colored fabric to wrap around the wreath. This helps give something to attach the leaves to. 

  1. Trace the leaves onto cardstock and cut them out. I did this at ball practices, carpool line, dentist apts, etc because Y'ALL it took a long time!
  2. Wrap the wreath in fabric torn into 2" wide strips. Keep on wrapping until the wreath is covered. I used about 1/4" of cheap muslin. Hot glue it in place. 
  3. Once leaves are cut out make a crease on the center of the leave starting at the bottom. Only go 1/4 of the way up the leaf. This helps give the leaves dimension & depth when attached. 
  4. Start attaching them. I suggest from trial and error to not do all the center leaves and then move to the inside row. I staggered across the wreath with 4 pieces. 
  5. There will be gaps and spaces. It's OK. Fill it in with the extra leaves. I had about 40 extra leaves and believe me I found homes for them. 
  6. Enjoy!

Here's an up close image of how I arranged the leaves. 

I'm off to finish decorating. More pictures to come!!

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