Thursday, September 5, 2013

Texas House Tour

House hunting is enjoyable when its for fun. If there are deadlines, money, transactions, or movers involved its is no longer fun.
Luckily, we found this little gem back in March, and luckily due to several circumstances (in our favor) it was still on the market in May and ready for an offer.

When I say it looks like Anchorman was filmed in my great room I'm not lying. No joke, Jack! Floor to ceiling walnut batten board wainscoting, a nice wet bar, beige (borderline) shag carpet, a fireplace, and built in books cases for our many leather-bound books. Oh, and yes, it smells like rich mahogany.

All joking aside, we loved the house for the walnut batten board wainscoting, 10' ceilings, fireplace, built in book cases & the potential that we could see under all of the smoking robes and sex panther cologne.

Without further ado.....a house tour.

 The Great Room. It's a great big room!

With lots and lots and lots and lots of DARK paneling.

We are totally diggin' the floor to ceiling bay window. We *need* to put in a bench or a spectacular light above and make that a separate sitting area. 

Check out the wet bar, peeps! It wont be there for long, so enjoy it while you can.

Hopefully the wall in the dining room wont be around for long either. 

The wall on the left that is shared with the kitchen will be taken out for a more open area. 

There's my partners in crime. One loves to go shopping with me and the other does not. 

The master bedroom. Yes, that's wine carpet. And we are so lucky that it continues thought the bathroom as well. The bathroom is a whole other post. Seriously! Its an untamed animal. 

My mini-me in the first floor hallway. Did I mention the walls are peach? In all the rooms except one bathroom!

The Hubs and our sweet realtor in awe of the light fixture that is about to be removed. It's hard to tell but the peach/pepto color is in this hallway too. 

The Plans:
The Great Room
Removing the wet bar & closing up the pass through to the kitchen.
Painting the paneling a lighter greige color, Eider White by Sherwin Williams.
Install new white plantation blinds & maybe a light fixture in bay window area.
Install a built-in bench in bay window area for extra seating & storage.
Replacing the carpet with porcelain wood tile in 6x24 in a rich walnut color. 
Adding more beams and creating a coffered ceiling. 
Resurfacing the brick fireplace with stone veneer. 

The Dining Room
Take out the wall that is shared with the kitchen. 
Remove the grass cloth wall covering.
Install new white plantation blinds. 
Continue the flooring from the living room into the dining room and kitchen. 
Continue the color on the chair rail from paneling in Great Room. 
Still on the fence about possibly putting up a bold wall covering above the chair rail.

The Kitchen
I don't have the strength right now....
Maybe next week. 


Charisa said...

Yes! I've been waiting for this! That great room is...I can't even find the words. I hope the original owners had some swinging parties and made the most of that bar! Can't wait to see what you do and for when you lighten that place up!

Kelli Lively said...

oh my gosh, my favorite parts of the tour:
1) smoking robes and sex panther cologne.. LAUGH OUT LOUD
2) andy at the kitchen island calculating the cost of his awesome wife/decorator's suggestions, and
3) the wine carpet. Don't know if you remember, but we had identical carpet for several years before our add-on. It was thick, plush, wool... in that color that shows every piece of string or lint!

In all seriousness, what a GREAT house. Can't wait to see it in person! Miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

I love that you guys see the potential in places! Can't wait to see this place transformed; I know you will rock it. - MCG