Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ella's New Room.... (progress)

Warning! This is a photo heavy post! It's worth the wait though. :)

This was my old sewing room and soon to be Ella's new room.

Upon pulling the pressed board and paneling off the walls we discovered that there was ZERO insulation in the walls. Awesome.

Check out the restaurant carpeting. You know you're jealous. ;)

The low ceilings - exactly 1" above the door casing. 

All of the paneling, spline ceiling, carpet, & casings removed.

I think my nephew is always on the phone. ;)

Andy is in the old closet knocking the walls out. 

Better look at the old closet. We are taking the framing out for a larger room and moving the closet under the eave to the right of the window.

Taking the old rafters out and raising the ceiling 2 feet.

The walls have also been bumped out two feet. 

I spy a new closet!!

New rafter supports are in!

Insulation goes up.

After we installed the insulation we started sweating in there!!

Next comes drywall!

Don't know what happened to the drywall pics... 
These are flooring pics...

Flooring all installed and ready for sanding. 

New closet.

Old closet. By moving the closet to a new location and bumping the West wall out we gained 60 square  feet in her room!!

Standing at the window looking to the door. Both old closet area (on right) and new closet on left.

Final coat of poly!!

Letter the poly dry!!

As of right now the trim is up and painted. Too bad the big boys have moved in temporarily while we gut and demo their room. We just can't sit still long enough to keep from tearing something up. :)

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Great job!!!! You even got the family helping out. thanks for sharing. :)