Sunday, July 29, 2012

Summer Adventures

At the beginning of summer I took a personal vow to go and "do more" with the kids over summer break. It didn't necessarily mean "spend more" either.

So far we have found several fun, inexpensive, and sometimes FREE activities. A few have been: berry picking, a visit to a dairy & yogurt farm, tennis at the park, visiting the water park, nature walks, visiting new bookstores with allowance money, treasure hunting at unique toy stores, baking and cooking together, art projects, and letting them teach me how to play chess.

Loved this painting!

Yesterday we ventured to the Abraham Lincoln Home & The Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL. It was quit the treat, and had something geared for everyone in the family.

Last summer my kids discovered the Junior Park Ranger program offered through the National Park Service. It's a great way to get kids involved in history and the park service. At each National Park they have the opportunity to fill out a booklet (and learn a lot about the subject), earn a badge, & take a pledge to preserve, protect, and honor the National Parks.

We were able to make an entire day of our visit with a trip to Charlie Parker's Diner in between. I'm craving their sweet tea & BLT with onions rings now.

Family picture time!

A close up. The likeness is amazing in person.
Enjoying the sights with our Oregon friends.

The State Capitol building.

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