Tuesday, July 31, 2012


These past few days are full of milestones.

On Saturday I blogged my 100th entry.

In a day or two I will reach 1,200 followers on pinterest.

On my shop's facebook page, Pink Posie Designs there's only a mere 92 likes. :(

Let's have a contest to get those "likes" through the roof!!

I would like to have 200 "likes" by the end of August.  If it happens I'll give away one of my very own clutches to the 200th like!!!

Win a clutch of your choice if you are the 200th "like" on my facebook page!!!

Spread the word!!!!
I wonder what would happen if I hit 300? or 400? or 500? I just might have to give away purses!!


Katrina said...

Those are cute, cute, cute!

Katrina said...

THose are cute, cute, cute!