Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blog Flake?

I do this all the time....
Get all excited about staying up to date on my blog with tons of pictures and tutorials and recipes and fun family adventures and house DIY projects and so on and so on.

It lasts all of on or maybe two weeks, maybe, if I'm lucky.

Question of the day....
Am I considered a blog flake though if I consistently do it though?


I have major blog envy for the crafty types that can manage DAILY updates WITH photos. How does this happen? And they have showered and actually prepared meals that they blog about. I secretly suspect clones. My only question is...Where can I get one?!!

here's another photo dump (in no particular order) of what we've been up to since (ashamedly admitting) APRIL.

my baby girl started tennis lessons!!

went to a baby shower together. ella was expecting the baby to be there. :)

a birthday party at The Cup with some dear friends. 

enjoying No Technology Thursday with a game of world domination.

co-op dinners are a regular on the grill. 

time at the park before the 107 degree days roll in.

seeing a 2 day old baby calf on our field trip to Windcrest Dairy

surprise! celebrating an engagement at 360

celebrating again with an amazing wedding. still dreaming about the wonderful vegan food. 

getting some sewing done for my new collection at The Foundrie.

found a new favorite book store, AfterWords in Edwardsville.

trying to replenish fluids on a 107 degree day with some McAllister's Sweet Tea

that thermostat speaks for itself. :(

Introducing our favorite toy store, Once Upon a Toy, to our out-of-townies.

Using my favorite apron made by Mary Claire. Always makes me smile. 

Craft day turned into Jam Day - 8 batches of jam & 56 jars later...

finally installed bookcases from ikea a year after buying them.

finishing up the little miss' new room.

6:30 am road trip

enjoying some quite time with my gal.

yard saleing - one of my summer favorites. 

new summer mantle display.

blueberry picking. still have the chiggers to prove it.

birthday party fun!

too much birthday party!

having the pleasure of watching my niece own the soccer field.

road trippin' to Louisville and New Albanian Brewing Co.

beer and pizza. yum.

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