Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Our Latest Project

As if we don't have enough going on we decided to gut and renovate my old sewing room (soon to be Ella's new room). 

Now granted....this is a 90 + year old home and nothing is square or plumb or flush or insulated. 

We had no idea when we tore up the old restaurant carpet and paneling that there was NO drywall OR insulation. No wonder it's like an iceberg in there.

Pic 1. Renovation begins. Lots and lots of paneling, spline ceilings, restaurant carpet, and bad light fixtures.

Pic 2. Gutted and discovered no insulation on the North wall.

Pic 3. Raised the ceiling from 7' to 8' 6", bumped out walls 2', relocated closet into unused space in eave, and opened up old closet for more living space.

More pics to come....


Splendorfalls said...

You guys are awesome! What will the downstairs bedroom become?

claire said...

so exciting!
i can't wait to see the finished project!