Friday, September 30, 2011


so the basement is just about finished.....i'll post pics when it's actually clean! ;)

we *had* to make a run to Ikea for some great goodies for the basement.

Veggie chili & a salad

bringing the loot home!

Sadly, these are the only 2 photos of the trip. Despite the fact that we were childless for the weekend it was still a whirlwind. 

Pulling up to Schaumburg Ikea was like pulling up to a stadium. Seriously! We parked in D-4. Need I say more?

Some of the loot we brought back was a couch
Ektorp Sofa in Light Brown

8 of these Billy Bookcases.  It was so much cheaper to buy them and have them modified than building built-ins from scratch

and 2 of these for the living room to flank the North windows. 
BJURSTA Dining Table - PERFECT for our combined Dining/Living Room

And 6 of these bad boys - the HENRIKSDAL chair in Linneryd

And finally, the ADUM Rug for under the couch. 
Wasn't my first choice, but it was the softest option on tile. 

(not to mention an ENTIRE entertainment center for a friend)

Here's a progress picture of the floors...
the walls and floor really don't look like urine. promise. 


Charisa said...

Love that you planned ahead and brought the Uhaul! I've never been into an IKEA. I think my head would explode from excitement!

It's looking good down there. Can't wait to see more pics!

Splendorfalls said...

Thats quite a haul! It all is looking so good in the house too! Yay!

Tasha Roe said...

Charisa! I can't believe you have never been to IKEA!!! Your head probably would explode. So. Much. Fun!

Mary - now if we could just finish up our projects...