Sunday, August 7, 2011

Shower Curtains and What Not.....

I previously made this shower curtain for my bathroom

It was fine and dandy (never really liked the finished product) until I realized that the sun through the window was fading it. Grrrr. I guess since I spent a whopping $2.49 to make it I'm only out my time.

When the husband is out of town next time I think I am going to repaint the bathroom the color of the shower curtain - which easily translates to this-

Franklin Lakes by Benjamin Moore


Providence by Benjamin Moore

THEN I am going to make a new non-fading shower curtain with a sheet and stencil. Found these lovelies over at Olive Leaf Stencils and can decided between the them. 


I am thinking white sheet with a deeper gray print - something similar to Whale Gray by Benjamin Moore. 
Whale Gray by Benjamin Moore

Found the idea for the shower curtain via Pinterest - Original blog post here on TwentySomething
Like I need more proejects. 

Here's the latest on the basement in case you were wondering. :D

That, my friends, is what progress looks like - in the form of drywall dust. 


Splendorfalls said...

Your bathroom plans sound pretty! That picture of your feet cracks me up!

Erica said...

I love your shower curtain! I think I need you to come over and be my decorator!!! Geesch I have some more projects if you ever run out over there! =)

Katrina said...

My vote for the At Deco Flora!

erika said...

I like the shower curtain. While I didn't make one, I used a similar one for my guest bathroom. It has one of those sliding glass doors, with the gold trim, from the 80s. Since the bathroom isn't used very much, and I didn't want to spend a lot of money removing the glass, I just hung a shower curtain over it.