Monday, October 3, 2011

8lb 6oz baby Jesus

This is the long over due story of why I carry around a blue washcloth in a ball secured with a Live Strong band.

It's because of Baby Jesus. 8lb, 6oz Baby Jesus wrapped in golden fleece diapers layin' in a manger.

It all started at Bunco night. The hostess had A MANGER scene out on display. It was July. For those of you that know me I have a ornery side. just a little. ;)
I had to steal it. well..... "borrow" it.

See...we were leaving for a camping trip the next week and wanted to "steal" Baby Jesus and photograph him all over the place like Flat Stanley and the famous Gnomes. In my mind it was funny.....

And that is the explanation behind the photos
Baby Jesus getting coffee at Starbucks

Metropolis gas station.  Home of Superman!

some random church on the side of the road in KY

at The Dip in Dover, TN

at Ft Donelson in Dover, TN (civil war memorial)

My husband thinks that I crossed the line with the confederate flag. His reply was "we all know Jesus was a Yankee!" ;) That topic is for a totally different post. 
I will say that as soon as I took the picture of Baby Jesus with the Rebel flag I was in trouble. Little did I know that I set Him down on the counter at the memorial while my boys were becoming "certified Junior Park Rangers" and LEFT HIM THERE! TWO HOURS AWAY FROM OUR CAMPSITE!!!!!

Imagine my horror when I called the park the next day and asked if they had a blue washcloth with a Live Strong band on it. Awesome. It didn't fit the bill of a suspicious package at all. nope. And to top it off a summer intern that was young enough to be my son was running the desk when I got there. He totally thought I was a nut job asking for my crystal Baby Jesus wrapped in an old blue washcloth wrapped securely with the promise of Lance Armstrong and Live Strong. sigh.....

Needless to say my husband was so sweet about driving FOUR hours out of our way home to retrieve it.  He was so sweet that on top of that he sat in the car with the kids for an hour while I shopped in Hancock's of Paducah. Mommy like!

enjoying the loot from Hancock's of Paducah 

*in no way to i condone stealing or making fun of Jesus. We just figured He would get a kick out of coming along on our journey. ;)

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