Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Home run...

It's the little things for me...
Pretty colors, engaging prints, cool graphics, coffee....

Yesterday was pretty much a home run.

After I finally pulled the plug on my chocolate curtains in the living room I needed to find a replacement.
Is this really the only picture I have of the curtains???
I remembered seeing this chair at World Market and could not get it out of  my mind.

Even though the print was too dark for the living room I was in LOVE!!!

Then I remembered a home dec print while perusing Hancock's a few weeks ago that was fairly similar. Would it work? Wait....I have a sample stuffed in my wallet. YEP! It works.

And this is the wall color - 
Benjamin Moore Coastal Fog AC-1
So after I ordered my fabric with a 50% off competitors coupons (Hancock's will honor Joann's!!) I needed to swing by and get an Americano for the ride home. 

Getting a Starbucks was good enough, but when they handed this to me

I nearly peed myself. 

I know to some I am silly but one has to understand that this chick is a closet-want-to-be-maybe-in-a-former-life graphic designer. I even had a subscription to HOW for FOUR YEARS and had never taken a graphic design course or worked in the field. 
Let's just say I can appreciate the new branding & revamped logo. ;)


Splendorfalls said...

I *KNEW* you were going to redecorate! Have you heard any jokes about the room getting smaller from all the layers of pain yet? he he. Just teasin'

It's gonna look like your living room is "winning". I'll never tire of the "winning" jokes. Never!

Winning! ha ha ha

DHB said...

hi there! Saw your note about the new Starbucks branding and I thought I would pass along this blog. I think you'll really enjoy it.