Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's the Primer's Fault

I blame it on the primer. Back in October Andy asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I quickly replied "the $10 shelves on Ann White's Blog!!" Pretty much the next day he had them finished and ready for me to prime and paint.

I painted the shelves and started walking around the house thinking of other things that needed priming before I washed my brush out - hate washing out brushes.

So...I started in on the crown molding in the living room. And then remembered I had a coupon for a free gallon of Benjamin Moore paint from the "welcome wagon" when we moved in. Why not paint the walls too... before the new shelves go up of course.

Next thing I know everything standing still in the living room has been primed and painted.

Then I get to the built-ins. I didn't want a different color in the back and because there are ledgers for the shelves to rest on i didn't want to bother with a wall covering (the new fancy word for wall paper).

What to do?

Then it hit me! A STENCIL design!!

After mentioning this to my sister she suggested a blog I had never heard of - Jones Design Company, because she stenciled HER. ENTIRE. OFFICE. And let me just say it looks A-MA-Zing!!

I downloaded her template and got to work.

They are for the most part finished except for the few spots here and there that are nagging at me. Letting go of my OCD tendencies was a big deal on this project. I wanted clean, crisp, opaque lines. Didn't get them. A friend said they looked like they had always been there. From that point on I felt better about them.


Charisa said...

It looks freakin' awesome! Love, love, love the stencil! I'm thinking what I can stencil now???

Splendorfalls said...

It's even better in person; I can vouch for that!

Can you come stage my house so someone will buy it? He he!

Kim said...

I just found the Jones Design company yesterday and printed up the stencil too! Looks really cute in your alcoves!

Charisa said...

Did you make your own stencil? I've been keeping an eye out for window panels with the same design. Found similar ones on Ballard, but they're pricey! Thinking I could stencil the design on to plain colored panels with freezer paper and fabric paint? Hmmm....

Tasha Roe said...

Thanks for the complements!!

Charisa - Found the stencil here -

BUT I found these other stencils and I *may* want to redo them. Cutting Edge Stencils -
I am in love with the Casablanca stencil!!