Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wagon Rides

With the exception of the rain we have been enjoying a few wagon rides after dinner. Ella seems to be having the most fun.
I was able to give the winter coats one last washing and pack them away.... hopefully for good.
Miss E has been enjoying her hoodie that we bought from Meg over at her etsy shop. She was having a fundraiser for Cora's Playground. And to be honest....I would have bought it even if the proceeds didn't go to an amazing cause.


Green Haus Love said...

Hey big girl! Is it me or is her hair getting darker, than it was at Christmas? Love you guys and that darling hoodie too!

Erica said...

SO CUTE! Let me know next time there is a Cora's sale...every time I visit that Etsy site, there is nothing left!!!

Natasha said...

i dont know if it is or not. if she could sit next to coeli i could tell. lol i think the picture just looks darker.

erica - that store sells out in minutes. it's crazy! i stalk it all the time and nothing.