Thursday, March 18, 2010

Repurposing, Thrifting, & Sewing

Is anyone else getting the itch to Spring clean and move everything around? It has hit me hard and not at a good time. With 1.5 weeks left of school and lots of papers and tests I don't have much time to spare. I have been able to squeeze in a few minutes here and there to finish a few projects in my bedroom.

This is a before of my bedroom yesterday morning:
(I didn't even bother making the bed)

And this is the after:
Here's what I did -
  1. Moved the curtain rods from the living room to the bedroom - too dainty for the heavy curtains in there.
  2. Finished sewing my curtain panels (took 20 minutes!). I found the fabric on clearance at Joann's for $3 per yard! Cant be that for flocked fabric.
  3. Found the floral prints at a The Mission Thrift Store - 6/$1.00. I googled them and they are worth $30 - $60 each!
  4. Painted the wood frames gray from leftover headboard paint. Found the frames at the same store for $7.00
  5. Moved the table to the right of the window to the other window & hung curtains.
  6. Painted the nightstand a few months ago. Jamestown Blue from Benjamin Moore.
  7. Hung some plates above the headboard.
I really like how it looks. Can't wait to get a better lens for my camera so I can get a shot of the whole room. Too bad they don't sell those at thrift stores. ;)

Andy woke up in the middle of the night and said, "I like the pictures you hung on the wall." so funny!


SplendorFalls said...

Looks great!!

I am feeling the need to spring clean too; for me this usually means getting rid of stuff.

Courtney Walsh said...

I have been hit by the spring cleaning bug too...terribly!! I purged the toy room the other day...felt sooo good. I've been wanting to start on our bedroom for a long time now. I love what you did. Especially love the side table. Do you have those on both sides?

I have an elliptical in my bedroom. Any way to camoflague that?? lol

Charisa said...

Great job! Where do you get this energy and what is keeping Ella occupied during this time? I need your secrets! The only thing that Vaughn likes to play with is me - driving me nuts! I can't get anything done while that child is awake!

Congrats on almost being done with school! What will your degree be in?

Tasha Roe said...

thanks guys!
Courtney - I only have one. i'm on the hunt for a second or something similiar. i saw in a magazine where they used a small round table with drop sides as a night stand. kinda cool!

Charisa - I worked on it in spurts. i will say that ella is an amazing sleeper and napper - 12 hours a night and 3 hours during the day! she's a champ! degree is in business. fun, fun. ;)

Mary - if you have a yard sale i'm coming! the last one was amazing!