Thursday, February 18, 2010

Meet Baby Eli

ella has a little doll that she plays with and insists on sleeping with in bed. his name is Eli....short for Elijah of course. we were going to name her Elijah until at 38 weeks I found out I was having a girl instead of a boy! surprise! the big brothers thought it would be fun to name her boy doll Eli instead. she asks for him when she is tired and is getting ready for bed.
she just recently started taking him out of her bed to play with during the day. this was the first time I saw her carrying him around the house - in a football hold none the less.

she likes to play independently now. i an convinced this toy was made for her - stacking flowers. the little turkey will literally play with it for an hour. Fellow moms out there know thats a total God-send!!! thanks again, trina!
and yes, i photoshopped the snot off her lip.


Charisa said...

I'm going to need to one of those flower stacking toys. Vaughn has never sat still for more than 2 minutes in her life. And you're freaking me out again! Vaughn also has one of my old Cabbage Patch kids that she loves to hold. Looks just like baby Eli!

Becky said...

She is so precious Tash! I can't believe how big she is getting!

SplendorFalls said...

E does the football hold too - cracks us up! Miss Ella is so freaking cute!

Courtney Walsh said...

hahahhaha. you photoshopped the snot off her lip!! that's hilarious and SO something I would do!!