Thursday, December 3, 2009

Christmas Felt Wreath DIY

Here it is....The Candy Cane Felt Wreath.
I am getting close to wrapping up my Christmas projects. Next year I need to start in July instead of November!

This was a fun one to make. I set aside supplies to make 2 but I may not get around to it this year.

Here are the supplies needed to make this felt wreath:
  • 10" foam wreath (from dollar store)
  • 3 - 2"x 50" strips of red felt (or a combination of strips totaling 150")
  • 8 - 1" x 22" strips of white heavy interfacing. Any thin, white fabric will do. (or a combination of strips totaling 150")
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • straight pins
  • rotary cutter & mat or regular scissors
  • scalloped scissors
  • Japanese hole punch (I used this one)
  • misc. supplies for embellishing. I used a bird from Michael's & some vintage finds.
Step 1: Cut the felt and interfacing to correct measurements. Then cut along one edge of the felt with the scalloped scissors. Follow the scalloped edge with a screw punch or Japanese hole punch on top of the cutting mat.

Step 2: Start to wrap the wreath (securing the starting edges with hot glue) with the white of the interfacing under the red felt. Continue to wrap the felt & interfacing around the wreath until either the felt or interfacing runs short. on the back of the wreath place a pin through both pieces and snip off the short piece that is being replaced (or maybe both). Reattach the new piece with hot glue and then continue around the wreath. This will be repeated several times. Always make sure to start and stop a new piece on the backside of the wreath.

I had to answer a few phone calls and give a little miss a snack while making my wreath. The pins came in handy when I had to find a stopping point - the wreath didn't unravel.

Step 3: After continuing to wrap the entire wreath, secure the lose ends and clip off the extra from the back side of the wreath. Hot glue is sufficient to hold it in place.

Front of wreath.

Now comes the fun part.... EMBELLISHING! :)
Step 4: After securing the felt on the backside of the wreath flip it over to the front for decorating. I used a bird from Michael's and some vintage greenery & ornaments. Simply arrange the items and when you find a look that works glue it down. I worked in layers - the bulb first, the evergreen second, the dusty miller third, and the lastly the bird.

Step 5: Attach a loop on the top back of the wreath. I used a 3" section of a pipe cleaner, twisted ends together forming a circle. Glue it onto the back. let dry before hanging.

Step 6: Enjoy!


Paige Reed said...

Mine. :)

HMW said...

Quit making cute stuff without me!

SplendorFalls said...

It's awesome - even better in person! Your Christmas decorations are the shiz!

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