Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Ornament Wreath DIY

It's finally finished.

AND if I may say so myself it turned out pretty good for the first time.
I took Jennifer's advice and used A LOT of hot glue. That was her tip after making hers.

If you want to make one yourself feel free to use this step-by-step for a guideline.
A few pointers that I learned after making mine -
  • i used a ton more bulbs than i anticipated - around 60 small and 30 mini.
  • a cup of ice water will be your friend. that glue gets HOT!
  • there will be gaps in between the bulbs after you are finished. either be OK with it or stuff tinsel in them.
  • if you don't want gaps and don't want to stuff tinsel into them then wrap the foam wreath with tinsel first. trust wont show much at all.
Lets get this show on the road.
STEP 1: Enlist the help of a (soon-to-be) crafting buddy

STEP 2: Gather Supplies
  • foam wreath ($1 for a 10" wreath @ Dollar Tree)
  • bulbs (glass are pretty but plastic are more durable) found mine at thrift stores
  • hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • tinsel - ($1 for 15 feet at wally-world)
  • paper to cover workspace
  • cup of ice cold water
  • pencil for inserting tinsel
STEP 3: I learned the hard way - cover your work space with paper before beginning. I am now obsessing over the hot glue remnants on my sewing table.
*Optional* Wrap the wreath with tinsel before adding bulbs to eliminate the tinsel later.
Start to attach the bulbs with the glue along the outside of the wreath. I chose a 10" wreath to work with and small & mini bulbs.
One lesson I learned was that 1. I should have kept the metal rims on these bulbs and 2. that I should have angled the rims towards to wreath instead of the ceiling. It sticks out farther off the wall now opposed to laying more flat against a surface.

STEP 4: Line the interior ring of the wreath with the bulbs, angling the rims towards the wreath.

STEP 5: Flip the wreath over and start adding bulbs along front.

STEP 6: Fill in large gaps with the mini bulbs

STEP 7: If the wreath was wrapped in tinsel skip this step. If there are still large gaps cut off 1" sections of tinsel, fold in half, apply glue and insert into the gaps. this is where the ice water came in handy! the pencil works great to poke the tinsel into the gaps, too.

STEP 8: Flip over wreath and weave remaining tinsel between the bulb tops if they were not attached facing the wreath.

Next year I will probably make one for the mirror above my fireplace. I'm thinking red and silver this time. :)

Here's a sneak peak for my next post. :D


Jennifer said...

Brilliant..great job!!!!!!Thanks for stopping by twice..I got your first post..You are a lovebug!!!

Dawn said...

Nicely done! The wreath looks great and the photo of Ella...adorable.

SplendorFalls said...

This looks so good! You outdid yourself sister!

Can't wait to see that felt ribbon!

Charisa said...

This is beautiful! Great job!

Hmmm....totally thinking about lifting the "do less" ban to make one!

HMW said...

Make me one please! I can't believe how grown up Ella looks. Okay, I figured it out...haven't seen you since Strangefolk. Let's plan something woman!

Paige Reed said...

Also mine. :)