Friday, September 25, 2009

Fun stuff...

For the past two weeks I have been sewing like a mad woman for the Strange Folk Festival! like a crazy person! like someone jacked up on coffee all. day. long! yep. that's me - the crazy mom that is either falling asleep while talking to someone on the playground or bugged out and spewing run-on sentences at 90mph.

At the show this year I will have a bunch of purses again along with some felt goodies and jewelry!!

Here is a sneak peak to the purses that i have made so far -

And who doesn't love felt food?
my good buddy, Mary, made these delectable sandwiches for the show along with pop tarts, strawberries, noodles & meatballs, and doughnuts!!!

and lets not forget Beth Williams amazing jewelry!!

Stop by this weekend and check out the goodies in my booth along with Sweet Petunia Clothing next to us!!


Charisa said...

Everything looks amazing! Bummed that I can't make it this weekend! I need a new purse and am always needing felt food! Vance would love it!

SplendorFalls said...

Awesome post! Love Love Love those purses. Don't you sell 'mine' sister!

tasha roe said...

Kease - I am going to have an open house with all the same stuff again the first Saturday in December - I think the 5th. You should come!

DHB said...

Great to see you yesturday! There was a super cute purse/wallet (no strap) I had my eye on. It was denim and orange. Is it still available?

Charisa said...

I will! Let me know the details when it gets closer!