Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tricky weather.....

How is it possible that yesterday was a sunny 78 and today's high is only 33 frigid degrees?!! I am tired of this "in like a lion and out like a lamb" business. Just give me SPRING!
Thought i would share a photo of the little miss standing up in all of her glory. This photo is about a month old and its so crazy to see how much she has changed since then.

In other news... we are working on our bathroom little by little. Andy has been sick and had a few busy weeks at work so the progress has slowed a bit.

The drywall is up, mud & taped. we just need to sand and texture before we can tile the floor and then install the beadboard wainscoting. After that I plan on tiling the tub surround and Andy can install the shelves, fixtures, toilet, & sink.

I am not usually color challenged but I am facing one now. I really, really, really wanted to paint to top of the walls (above white wainscoting) this peacock blue color. The paint was all but purchased and now I am having second thoughts. I never have second guess myself about paint colors - is this a sign? Below is the color that i had picked out.

Is it too dark? I am afraid if I go lighter it is going to look like a kid's bathroom.

What about a silvery grey color with peacock blue accents?
Or should I nix it all together?
I wanted to keep the color palette in the house pretty similar - all neutrals and colors from the slate flooring.
What about these colors instead of the Peacock Blue?
1. Avocado
2. Seaside
3. Wheat
i know...they are boring...



SplendorFalls said...

Tasha - that blue color is almost exactly the same as my bed room and I love it! I have tan, cream and orange accents.

HMW said...

So cute...this photo of Ella made me smile. Look how happy she is in this photo, so tall!

Erica said...

Go for the will look great with the beadboard!

beth said...

i like erica's suggestion. beadboard would tone down the dark blue. i love that peacock blue but i am too safe and would do the grey with the accents.

i can't believe how big ella is...i need to make a date with her after next week is my spring break.