Friday, February 27, 2009

P is for Playground

Please help support this cause - Cora's Playground Project. Quite a few places are spreading the word and was even featured on Etsy.

The Cora Playground Project started to honor the live of little Cora McClenahan. This sweet 11 month old baby went into her pediatrician for a visit due to an ear infection and was later diagnosed that day with Stage 4 cancer. She passed away 3 short weeks after her diagnosis.

My heart is very heavy and has been aching for a good while after reading about Miss Cora. I don't know if the life of this little one has touched me so much because I almost named Ella Cora, or if because Ella and Cora were practically the same age, or because I am just a mom...

I have vowed to spread the word to help the cause to raise funds to create a playground in honor of Cora.
There are several ways to contribute -
1. Spread the word by adding a button to your blog.
2. Purchase items donated at Etsy to help the cause.
3. Donate directly to the church.

Every little bit helps!!

As I look around the toys on the floor and fingerprints on the wall aren't such a big deal now...
Hug your family a little more!!
And Please keep the McClenahan family in your prayers!!

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SplendorFalls said...

Please pass the tissues! I looked at all this last night after putting a feverish Elsie to bed and I'm at the computer crying while Scott is saying, are you sure you want to be reading that right now? =)
I am amazed at the strength these people have. Really amazing.

On lighter notes...I love the mirror link; especially since I am keeping up with my new years res. of reading at least a book a month. Go girl!

Heidi Swap at last years convention I bought some of these at some Everything's a Dollar booth thinking I scored big time. Boy was I was wrong. I had to rub those rub-ons so hard I made marks in my paper and then on top of it all - the stupid rub on only would half come off. Annoying. I hope I'm not disappointing you. Tell me you've used them and love them and that I got a bad batch.