Saturday, January 3, 2009

2008 by the numbers....

1200 lights used on the Christmas Tree

284 slate tiles installed

178 items checked out from local library

45 lbs lost by Andy & myself combined

25 boys' baseball games attended

15 Kitchen cabinets painted (thanks Kris!)

11 total cans of paint used in house

10th wedding anniversary

6 hours of labor

4 generations

3 rooms of hardwood floors sanded

2 amazing boys

1 new addition

2008 was an amazing year for us; Ella arrived in May, we accomplished a lot of work on the house, built amazing relationships with our church, and grew a lot closer together as a family.
2009 is going to be an adventure. Andy and I start classes back up in a few days cutting down on family time. A few goals that I am going to focus on all year are:
Organize and prioritize.
TV is out and reading is in.
Buy less and make more.
Family and time are valuable - make it count.


beth said...

tasha, this was lovely to read. a truly blessed family.

p.s. i love isaac's strokes t-shirt. too hip for highland.

p.p.s. enter theresa mcfayden's contest...hurry.

SplendorFalls said...

Love wins....girl I'm tearing up over here!! =)

matt embry said...

tasha...i keep coming up with 1182 lights on that tree...where am i missing some?

Erica said...

I LOVE this post! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!

Anonymous said...

i love this post. it's so special. and don't feel bad about infrequent posts, you've got quality not quantity girl.

how are you?