Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Slippery Slope...

I am on the slipper slope of keeping up with my blog. With it being less than a month old I haven't done the greatest job of posting.

Let's play a little bit of catch up.....again.

Midwest 12 Days gifts have been -
1 - Ceramic charms from Brooke
2 - Plant terrarium from Tracy
3 - Soldered Ornament from Theresa
4 - Wine Bottle wraps from Amy
5 - Decorative magnets from Christine
6 - Gift cards from Anne
7 - Book Marks from me
8 - Photography from Jodi
9 - Mini Fabric Tree from Alice
10 - Fabric Flower Pin from Kim

only 2 days left to open!!
(pictures to follow!)

As far as the Advent calendar goes....they have been opening the goodies each day and quickly consuming them after lunch. :) I peaked at day 25. i know! i am terrible. I will say this - Holly was SPOT ON! They will love it!

What else has been going on....
Ella has been doing the army crawl for a few weeks. Man, that baby is fast! I am thinking that she has a bit of a cold because she has been super cranky, sneezy, & runny.

My sister and her family will be here late tonight or early in the morning depending on the weather they encounter from Toronto. It is going to be a lot of fun with all of the cousins together. a little crazy, too.

Since I don't have any pictures to post I'll leave you with this little video. It speaks volumes and sums up how I have felt for years if not decades.

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