Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mr. Bill, Teething, & Day #2

Meet Mr. Bill.

Micah brought him home from school two weeks ago bald as a baby's butt. He sprouted hair 10 days after he arrived. Now the "chia" pet of sorts needs a haircut. I am thinking a mowhawk would be perfect. Did I mention that he was named after Pastor Bill?

Here is my sweet baby girl.
She goes from this

to THIS in seconds.

Blasted teeth. They are getting the best of her.

Advent Calendar Day #2 -
The boys received Hershey Bars!! They ate them before I could take the pictures.


HMW said...

First, how ever did you get ella to make that face. I love it.

Also, the Hershey bars were day 2. What was Day 3?

I'm getting the achy body, ishy tummy, sore throat thing. Please NO!

Tasha Roe said...

she was so ticked over those teeth. i know she was miserable but wasnt that funny?!!

typo - hershey bars were #2. kool-aid was #3. thanks. ;)

i am actually feeling better. hope you do, too.

beth said...

mr. bill. he's the pastor that tries to be hip and sits in front of the bare set in an arm chair, blue jean clad and says, "you know, sometimes God...

claire and ron love him.

his church is by claire's salon.

and p.s. i love that picture of ella.

Tasha Roe said...

kurt warner went to his church.

Sarah and Jack said...

What a cutie pie that baby is, even when her little teeth are hurting.

claire said...

Beth, it's pastor jeff. or jeff perry.