Monday, December 1, 2008

December 1st 2008.

A day of new beginnings; a new blog, a new month, a new holiday, new traditions, and new teeth.

I am finally making the plunge in the blog world. I have been tossing the idea around for ....well... years.

I woke up to snow dusting the rooftops this morning.

And did I mention that it was a mere 28 degrees outside? December isn't messing around.

Luckily it is supposed to warm up to 46 degrees tomorrow.

I finally tossed out the miniature pumpkins that the boys painstakingly painted in October. It is surprising that they hadn't rotted on my mantle. With a new season comes new decorations and I am a sucker for ornaments. As soon as that Hallmark catalog arrives the pages are earmarked with new adornments for my tree - or at least ideas to make my own. My dilemma is how to keep track of the keepsake ornaments - the ones that are passed down or given to me from my children, friends, and family. Does anyone have any suggestions?

My dear friend, Holly, gave my boys a full month of goodies for an Advent calendar. They are so excited to see what each new package contains. For day 1 they received Red Hots, chop sticks and little chop stick helpers. It was a HIT! I enjoyed the Red Hots as much as they did. :) Thanks, Hol!

Miss Ella has 2 new teeth that popped through a week ago. Those little rascals are getting the best of my happy babe. This morning she woke up with a healthy amount of snot and slobber - as Jonathon would say "slime" I hope she gets a break before the next set make their appearance.


HMW said...

yeah...i'm glad you got on this blog-thing. you're gonna love it. glad the boys are enjoying their advent calendar.

Charisa said...

Tasha! Loving that you blog now!

Hi Holly!