Saturday, December 6, 2008

Days 4, 5, & 6. and belated Birthday Wishes

The boys are having a lot of fun with the Advent "Calendar" packages. We are singing the praises of Aunt Holly in this house. :)

Day #5 was Football Trading cards! Go BUCS!!
Day #6 was Snickers. oh so yummy snickers.
We are feverishly cleaning the house in preparation of the Christmas tree this afternoon. Finding a spot in our living room is the challenge. Until our basement is remodeled the TV is in the family room and that armore is probably the biggest piece of furniture we own. I keep threatening to get rid of the TV ....maybe while Andy is out of town again.
A (belated) Happy Birthday shout out goes to Holly! Have a great dinner tonight. Enjoy your birthday weekend. :)


HMW said...

thanks for the birthday wishes tasha. i love your blog. you are doing a great job so far.

the fish tank is cleaned out! YEAH, and the heat is working in my breakfast nook and in my bedroom. i just got the most expensive lesson in bleeding my radiators. $174. oh well, beats the GRAND squirrel problem. besides, it is only money, right?

Tasha Roe said...

would you believe that i sent you 2 cards and forgot to put stamps on them. i am so ticked! one of them was a musical card and it never came back to me. grrrrr!! so much for trying to be on the ball. lol

i never knew you had to bleed radiators. at least that is a free lesson for me. still cant believe the squirrels though. any scratches on the cardboard?

claire said...

we are having a hard time finding a spot for our tree as well.
when you figure it out, let us know. maybe we could just hang ours upside down from the ceiling??

claire said...

ron then suggested the cieling fan for so it revolved!

HMW said...

the screen is up, which means they didn't disturb the cardboard. phew. i hope they are gone for good, though they are still in my backyard.

how did the tree turn out? can't wait to see pictures in the blog update.